Entrepreneurship Researcher and Case Study Writer

Entrepreneurship Researcher and Case Study Writer

The Entrepreneurship Institute (EI) at King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM) invite qualified candidates to apply for a startup executive position (Startup Investment Analyst).

The EI is an interdisciplinary entity that works with all the colleges in the university. The Institute is committed to underpinning the efforts of building entrepreneurial mindsets that will lead to high growth, high-tech entrepreneurial startups as well as graduate entrepreneurial leaders.

Job Responsibility:

Entrepreneurship Case and Report Writer will research and analyze successful and unsuccessful ventures and startups by digging deep into their business models, founding stories, market dynamics, key decisions that shaped their trajectory, etc. The applicant should craft engaging and insightful case studies by translating raw data and qualitative insights into captivating narratives that highlight key learning points and decision-making frameworks. Gather and analyze data on industry trends, entrepreneurial ecosystems, and emerging technologies. Craft reports that inform critical decisions and inspire action. Transform statistics and charts into engaging stories that illustrate trends and paint a vivid picture of the entrepreneurial landscape. Collaborate with subject matter experts and stakeholders within and outside KFUPM. Able to rise proposal to raise funds for research projects in the area of entrepreneurship and innovation. Finally, the researcher should engage in technically designing (and committee work of related) entrepreneurship events such as workshops, conference, forums, etc., initiated by the university.


  1. PhD in entrepreneurship, innovation, technology transfer or MBA or Masters in entrepreneurship, business, economics or a related field
  2. Proven track record of publications in the area of entrepreneurship, case studies and reports.
  3. Excellent verbal, presentation, and written communication skills.

Preferred qualifications include:

  • Conduct interviews with entrepreneurs and other key players in the ecosystem
  • Understanding of entrepreneurial principles and practices: Navigate the intricacies of business models, venture funding, and startup environments.
  • Ability to synthesize information and draw conclusions
  • Develop engaging presentations and educational materials

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