EEL Acceleration Program

KFUPM Entrepreneurship Institute is proud to offer the ‘Entrepreneurial Emerging Leaders (EEL) Acceleration Program' for all KFUPM Students, Faculty and Entrepreneurs. The program is an ideal opportunity for those who aspire to be entrepreneurs and/or would like to learn more about Entrepreneurship and Startups.

EELA Class Details

The EELA Program will have 9 modules namely, Act-Build-Learn, Create Entrepreneurs, Innovation Driven Entrepreneurship, Business Structure, Entrepreneurial Marketing, Entrepreneurial Accounting, Entrepreneurial Finance, Business Plan, and Entrepreneurial Leadership Workshop. For more details about each, click below

Program Timings

  • Week 1-6: EEL Classes every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Week 6: KoG Funding Round
  • Week 7 - 10: Dedicated for Mentoring (Guidance from experts)
  • Week 11 - 13: Preparation of Business Plan Final Pitching
  • Week 13 - 14: Funding and Demo Day Preparation

Program Benefits

  • Receive extensive mentoring from business experts.
  • Access to EI Incubator Space.
  • Funding Opportunities.
  • Develop Minimum Viable Product (MVP).
  • Develop your Business Plan.
  • Help to protect your Business Idea.
  • Get a certificate from EI upon completing the program.


The EEL Acceleration Program also includes seminars by business experts on the relevant topics related to entrepreneurship. The goal of these seminars is to enable the participants learn directly from people who have practical experience in the field related to the topic of the seminar.
1. Mockup app/web development
2. IP & Commercialization
3. Product Development
4. Business Ethics
5. Accounting for non-accountant
6. Marketing Plans
7. Financial Plans
8. Preparing Investable Pitch
9. How to conduct Feasibility Study

Funding Opportunities

Keys of Goodness Grant

This grant is to enable teams to develop prototypes / minimum-viable-products (MVP) to demonstrate their idea to investors.


The Mentoring Program objective is to facilitate for entrepreneurs a network of highly skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable mentors to help them in their entrepreneurial endeavors. For our network of mentors, please click below:

Incubator Services

At KFUPM, the Business Incubator Center offers a set of supporting programs to university entrepreneurs that complement the other two centers of the entrepreneurship institute and facilitates in launching a startup.

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