Center for Business Incubators

The Business Incubator

Business incubators (or sometimes called Innovation Centers) are basically programs (organizations) designed (used) to support the successful development of entrepreneurial/start-up companies/firms through providing an array of business support resources and services, developed and orchestrated by incubator management and offered both in the incubator and through our network of partners. At KFUPM, the Business Incubator Center offers a set of supporting programs to university entrepreneurs that complement the other two centers of the entrepreneurship institute and facilitates in launching a startup.

Services provided by the Incubator

1. The Space

The Business Incubator Center includes:

  • Over 1800 sqr. meters
  • 57 cubicles
  • 16 Faculty & Staff offices
  • 4 Mentorship rooms
  • A VIP Meeting room
  • A Classroom
  • A Service room
  • A Masjid
  • A Kitchenette
  • A Co-Working Space

2. Labs

Our lab facilities include:

  • Dry lab (LAB 3308): Product Development Lab
  • Haya Al-Mojil Design Thinking lab (LAB 2014): Prototyping Lab

3. Legal services

The Business Incubator Center works with Mohaimeed Law Firm to provide legal consultations. The firm dedicates 15hr/month of legal services to the Institute.

4. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The Business Incubator Center offers entrepreneurs access to AWS Activate, a program designed to provide startups with the resources they need to get started on the AWS platform. It offers $8,000 worth of service for two years.

5. Governmental Support

The institute provides letters to teams on their request for a governmental entity that they want to visit. Incubation letters are also given to incubated teams who want to apply in the Ministry of Investment of Saudi Arabia (MISA).

6. Keys-of-Goodness Grant

Entrepreneurs at the Business Incubator Center can apply for a grant from the Keys of Goodness program, which aims to help teams develop their prototypes to make their businesses attractive to the investor.

7. Mentorship program

The Entrepreneurship Institute has an extensive network of experts who act as mentors to our entrepreneurs. Through the Mentoring Program, the entrepreneurs gain access to vast knowledge and helpful expertise for their entrepreneurial journey.

8. Business Coaching

Business coaching is offered to all incubated teams to help them develop a focused approach to business development. It involves regular sessions built on goal-based and result-oriented planning.

Contact us to find out more about the Business Incubator Center and the support services available.