About EI

About Us

The KFUPM Entrepreneurship Institute was established in 2014 (1435 AH) to help develop the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in KSA and to support the process of creating a knowledge-based economy in the Kingdom.

The Institute offers training, mentoring and coaching that aims to build and nurture the entrepreneurial mindset, and provides access to the physical space and professional resources to start up a business.

We are here to support all university students, faculty and entrepreneurs, regardless of their academic level or specializations. Our work involves:

  • Encouraging an entrepreneurial mindset across the university.
  • Equipping students, researchers, and faculty with the tools to become entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs.
  • Helping entrepreneurs establish start-ups to diversify the economy and create jobs.
  • Building a culture of mentorship.
  • Helping students establishing their own start-up.

Our work also supports the entrepreneurial ambitions of the national strategic plan, Vision 2030. By promoting entrepreneurship and supporting the creation of high-value businesses, we aim to make an important contribution to diversifying the country’s business landscape and transforming the national economy.


With over a decade of experience in the field, the KFUPM Entrepreneurship Institute has been ranked as the top performing licensed business incubator by the Small & Medium Enterprise General Agency, Monshaat. The ranking is based on a wide-ranging assessment conducted by PwC Middle East and benchmarked against international standards.

The Institute scored highly across every category, reaching the 100th percentile amongst all incubators assessed, ranking as the top program in KSA and the highest performer against incubator best practices.


To become the hub to nurture & harness the Kingdom’s entrepreneurial energy & values to contribute to its socioeconomic development


To foster an entrepreneurial mindset through education, training, and research, and provide logistical and/or financial support for the formation and growth of high-potential start-ups in KSA


In support of our Vision and Mission, our objectives are to:

  • Create the leading Entrepreneurship Institute (EI) in the region.
  • Build a network of alumni, business leaders and corporations that support the EI and our entrepreneurial Vision.
  • Establish the most respected mentoring program in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Engage our students and faculty in adopting an entrepreneurial mindset to solve problems.
  • Teach the critical elements necessary to support the development of new products, services and companies.