Case Studies

Establishing a start-up in Saudi Arabia: the Innosoft story

The case traces the journey of two Saudi under-graduate software engineering students, namely, Loai Labani and Riyadh Al-Tayib, who had a vision to establish the best information technology (IT) services company in Saudi Arabia. With no previous experience of establishing a company or working for a startup, coupled with the fact that the culture of entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia is still in its ascendancy, they knew it would be challenging. Nevertheless, at the same time, they were convinced it would be totally up to them to do the hard work needed to propel their vision into reality. The case, after introducing the founders, talks about....continue

Establishing Saudi Geophysical Company: Role of Mentoring

Mentorship is one of the ways to increase knowledge and gain experience. It provides appropriate guidance, valuable networks, and infrequent checks that will magnify the chances of success in business. Many studies have shown that mentorship is one of the main pillars of success. A study highlighted that 93% of startups acknowledge the importance of mentorship in their success. In another study, it was observed that 80% of successful companies’ CEOs received mentorship. Abdulwahab Alahmari is one such CEO. He is a Saudi entrepreneur and the CEO of Saudi Geophysical company; a national company that provides Geophysical, Geological, Hydrogeological, and Environmental Services. How did he move from humble beginnings as a geophysics student to become a CEO? What were the challenges that he faced? What were the tools that he used to overcome them and how did mentoring shape his business journey?

Building High Sky factory in Saudi Arabia: Challenges and Opportunities

Fahd Al-Hamzi was a very bright and hardworking person. From humble beginnings as an electrical engineer, he now owns an advertising company, founded out of his own interest in the field of advertising. In 2012, a tele communication giant company approached Fahad to supply 2 Million non-woven bags for annual Muslim pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia. What was his first reaction upon receiving this lucrative offer? How did he respond to it? What was the first step that he took? Was he successful in completing the project? How did this project affect his future career decisions?