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King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals established the Entrepreneurship Institute in order to support the development of its innovation-entrepreneurship ecosystem, and to make an active contribution in the transition to a knowledge-based economy in the Kingdom.

Entrepreneurship education is a major part of this goal and an important feature of any successful ecosystem, whether it is in the form of short courses, training workshops, or even full-fledge courses for university students.

Our Approach

At the KFUPM Entrepreneurship Institute, our approach to enterprise education is to help unleash the entrepreneurial spirit, cultivate the mindset of practice, and build environments in which practice can occur.

The Institute provides several ongoing training programs for KFUPM students in the form of workshops and competitions. These programs aim to build students’ entrepreneurial mindset and thinking, to help them become entrepreneurial leaders.

The EI also offers a catalogue of executive workshop programs that are mainly designed for:

  • Academics and/or entrepreneurs (males and females) from any discipline who teach or have a desire to teach entrepreneurship.
  • Universities and/or organizations who wish to establish entrepreneurship education programs as well as incubation/acceleration programs.

The Entrepreneurship Institute has developed a set of 6 training workshops, all conducted on a demand basis. They offer participants a fully-immersive learning experience with case studies, interactive exercises, practice-based learning activities, and thematic discussions.

Our Training Workshops
Building Your Startup Community
Duration: Three Days

This workshop covers various topics related to establishing and running a startup community (an entrepreneurial ecosystem). It includes topics such as building and assessing startup communities, developing the entrepreneurial mindset in your startup community, establishing and running business incubator/accelerator programs, and teaching entrepreneurs in your startup community.

Establishing Business Incubator Programs
Duration: One or Two Days

This workshop explores different business incubator models, business incubation program operations, and teaches participants what it takes to run a successful incubation/acceleration program.

Teaching Entrepreneurship
Duration: Two Days

This workshop provides participants with the tools to teach entrepreneurship. It explores questions such as: Can entrepreneurship be taught? What are the teaching methodologies for entrepreneurship? What does it take to be an entrepreneurial professor/instructor? How can we assess and evaluate students’ entrepreneurship class performance?

Principles of Design Thinking
Duration: One or Two Days

This workshop exposes participants to the principles of design thinking, it roots, its process and where and how it can be utilized.

Entrepreneurial Mindset Development
Duration: Half Day or One Day

Participants of this workshop will explore various topics surrounding the entrepreneurial mindset, including: What are the characteristics of an entrepreneurial mindset? Are entrepreneurs risk takers? How can they tackle the fear of failure and what is an affordable loss? How should entrepreneurs navigate uncertainty?

Entrepreneurial Leadership
Duration: Half a Day

This half day workshop explores why entrepreneurial leadership is emerging as a new leadership model for startups and corporates. It considers key questions, including, who are entrepreneurial leaders and how can we develop entrepreneurial leaders in the future?

Note: Please note that the cost of workshops conducted at the KFUPM Entrepreneurship Institute includes meals and program materials. If you choose to hold the workshop at your institution, shipping materials costs, and facilitators’ travels, local transportation, meals and accommodations will be added to the final price.
Workshop Facilitators

All workshop facilitators are members of the Entrepreneurship Institute and are fully trained with extensive experience in teaching and running KFUPM entrepreneurial activities over the last three years. Our facilitators have conducted short-courses, competitions, workshops, business incubation/acceleration programs and have also been engaged in international and local entrepreneurship competitions, mentoring and training.

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