Center for Entrepreneurship Education

Entrepreneurial Emerging Leaders Acceleration (EELA) Program

KFUPM Entrepreneurship Institute offer several workshops on Entrepreneurship Education. It intends to develop the entrepreneurial mindset, skills and attributes to enable the students, faculty and entrepreneurs to identify the business opportunities. The Entrepreneurial Emerging Leaders Acceleration (EELA) Program is offered every semester in the format of a Boot Camp. The EEL Program has 10 modules: Act-Build-Learn, Create Entrepreneurs, Innovation Driven Entrepreneurship, Business Structure, Entrepreneurial Marketing, Entrepreneurial Accounting, Entrepreneurial Finance, Business Plan, and Entrepreneurial Leadership Workshop.

Module 1: Act Build and Learn (ABL)

The ABL course aims to enhance students’ design-thinking abilities to help them produce innovative prototypes for their ideas, taking into consideration the importance of the customer needs and other business aspects.

Module 2: Create Entrepreneurs (CreateE)

This course provides a real world, hands-on learning experience by giving students an opportunity to develop business models based on their own ideas. This fully-immersive course is offered in a flipped classroom format as an experiential learning activity that requires building business teams with members from many disciplines of engineering, sciences and business.

Students end the course by developing their business models based on real customers’ feedback. CreateE is offered every semester and is open to all KFUPM students. All the participants are awarded certificates on successful completion of the course.

Module 3: Innovation Driven Entrepreneurship (IDE)

This course aims to educate students about innovation driven entrepreneurship. Participants of this module learn about innovation and entrepreneurship and how they can be applied to their ideas. This course also helps students to identify innovative, high-potential commercial opportunities and to innovate their own business models and processes.

Module 4: Business Structure

This course focuses on the different types of business structures for entrepreneurs looking to establish startups. Participants learn about company structure, basic business structure, policy for equity, founding team members, equity and stakeholders, ownership stakes, and direction for funding.

Module 5: Entrepreneurial Marketing

The objective of this course is to provide an understanding of the concepts of entrepreneurial marketing and the marketing system. It provides students with hands-on lessons in the entrepreneurship marketing process, helping them to understand customers, build their brand, and use marketing tools effectively.

Module 6: Entrepreneurial Accounting

This course enable students to understand the fundamentals of accounting in the entrepreneurial process. This course teaches students how to prepare key financial statements, including cash flow statements, income statements, and balance sheets.

Module 7: Entrepreneurial Finance

The aim of this course is to provide students with an understanding of the fundamentals of finance in the entrepreneurial process. It covers funding and its importance, types of funding for startups, types of companies, preparing financial projections, and initial company valuation.

Module 8: Business Plan Workshop

This workshop seeks to encourage entrepreneurially oriented students to develop and grow new ventures by learning how to write successful business plans with expert guidance from the mentors and alumni. The business plans must focus on; a) the startup’s financial plan, b) the operational plan of the startup and c) the type of strategy the startup founders want to follow/consider.

Module 9: Entrepreneurial Leadership Workshop

This half-day workshop covers the fundamental question around entrepreneurial leadership, such as: Why is entrepreneurial leadership emerging as a new leadership model for startups and corporates? Who are entrepreneurial leaders? How are entrepreneurial leaders developed?

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