Center for Entrepreneurship Education

Entrepreneurial Emerging Leaders (EEL) Program

KFUPM Entrepreneurship Institute is proud to offer the 9th 'Entrepreneurial Emerging Leaders (EEL) Program' for all KFUPM Students. EEL Program is offered every semester in Boot Camp style. The program is an ideal opportunity for all KFUPM Students who aspire to be entrepreneurs and/or would like to learn more about Entrepreneurship and Startups. The EEL Program will have 8 modules (Act-Build-Learn, Create Entrepreneurs, Innovation Driven Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Marketing, Entrepreneurial Accounting, Entrepreneurial Finance, Business Plan, and Entrepreneurial Leadership Workshop.

Details of the Program

EEL Program is offered every semester in Boot Camp style.

  • Week 1-4: EEL Classes every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Class Timings:
     Section 1: 1 PM – 2:45 PM
     Section 2: 3:00 – 4:45 PM
  • Week 5-9: Dedicated Mentoring from Experts
  • Week 10 - 11: Preparation for the Business Plan Final Pitching
  • Transportation is available for registered students
  • Module#1 Act Build and Learn (ABL)

    ABL course aims to enhance student’s design-thinking abilities that helps them produce innovative prototypes for their ideas, taking into consideration the importance of the customer needs and other business aspects.

    Module#2 Create Entrepreneurs (CreateE)

    This course provides a real world hands-on learning experience by giving the students an opportunity to develop business models based on their own ideas. This fully-immersive course is offered in a flipped classroom way as an experiential learning activity that requires building business teams with members from many disciplines of engineering, sciences and business. Students must end the course by developing their business models based on true customers' feedback. CreateE is offered every semester and is open to all KFUPM students. All the participants are awarded certificates on successful completion of the course.

    Module#3 Innovation Driven Entrepreneurship (IDE)

    This course aims to educate students about innovation driven entrepreneurship. Enrolled students learn about innovation and entrepreneurship and how they can be applied to their ideas. This course will also help them identifying innovative high-potential commercial opportunities and how to innovate their own business models and processes.

    Module#4 Entrepreneurial Marketing

    The objective of this course to have an understanding of the concepts of entrepreneurial marketing and the marketing system. To have a hands-on understanding of marketing process in entrepreneurship. Possess an understanding of customers, how to build the brand and use marketing tools effectively.

    Module#5 Entrepreneurial Accounting

    To understand the fundamentals of accounting in the entrepreneurial process. This course will enable students to prepare key financial statements: cash flow statement, income statement, and balance sheet.

    Module#6 Entrepreneurial Finance

    To understand the fundamentals of Finance in the entrepreneurial process. This course will cover to know about funding and its importance, types of funding for startups, types of companies, preparing financial projections and Initial company valuation.

    Module#7 Business Plan Workshop

    This workshop seeks encouraging entrepreneurially oriented students to develop and grow new ventures by learning how to write successful business plans with able guidance from the mentors and alumni. The business plans must focus on: a) the startups financial plan, b) the operational plan of the startup and c) the type of existing strategy the startup founders may want to follow/consider.

    Module#8 Entrepreneurial Leadership Workshop

    Entrepreneurial leadership is emerging as a new leadership model for startups and corporates but why? Who are entrepreneurial leaders? How to develop entrepreneurial leaders? All of these questions and more will be addressed in a half a day workshop.

    EEL Mentoring

    Mentorship is an essential part of the EEL Program. All the students can benefit from the program to refine and further enhance their business ideas A network of highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable mentors are voluntarily available to help them in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

    Lab Day and EEL Seminars

    During the EEL Program, all participating students are required to attend the lab day and two Seminars on:
    Seminar-1: Mockup app/web development
    Seminar-2: Business Ethics
    Lab Day: Haya Almojil Design Thinking Lab Tour, 3D Printing and High Definition scanning facilities