Become a Partner

We believe that partners play a vital role in the success of Startups as their contributions are important for the transfer of right knowledge and skills to the entrepreneurs. Partners may not be involved with our entrepreneurs on a day-to-day basis but their contribution is essential for the startups to succeed. Partners can provide invaluable expertise and knowledge by providing access to business experts, funding opportunities and successful entrepreneurs which would help the budding entrepreneurs to succeed. For startup companies with promising technological ideas but no market visibility, a good collaboration with established partners can bring credibility to the Startup in the eyes of investors and customers. Partnerships provide support, companionship, and someone to share the startup problems with.

For our partners, the Entrepreneurship Institute realizes that different partners will have different expectations from their collaboration but we would like to assure them that the institute, shall strive to identify the partners’ needs and expectations clearly and work zealously towards fulfilling them to make sure that the collaboration proves to be valuable and beneficial for them too and, thereby, contribute to their success and growth. For KFUPM, the Entrepreneurship Institute can succeed in achieving its goal of becoming the most recognized and respected entrepreneurship institute in the region, if it gets able guidance and support from its partners in providing the best possible services required for the startups to be transformed into successful enterprises. This would help the institute establish KFUPM as a “Brand” in Entrepreneurial thought leadership.

We have three categories of partnerships::

Corporate Partners

are those corporations who are interested to assist our institute by committing providing some services to our students who are establishing Startups. Service providers provide expert care and specialized services in important business related areas like legal, financial, marketing, technical, etc. We are welcoming service providers as corporate partners. In addition, we consider a corporation as a partner when advertising their brands in our website and institute at a certain fee.

Strategic Partners

are those who offer benefits in various forms. For us, a strategic partner could be a firm or organisation that sees benefits in collaborating with a venture because of a similar interest in technology or market.

Financial Support Partners

    are those who provide financial support to the entrepreneurs in terms of funding or loans to help foster small-business creation. These are divided into:
  • Venture Capital Partners
  • Angel Investment Groups
  • Banks